Born in New York, raised in London, Zing Vodka is the ultimate late night provocuteur’s Vodka of choice. Zing Vodka is designed to be the original show stopper and is recognised from LA to London and  Hong Kong as the essential choice #ThisIsZingVodka.

To ensure the ultimate purity of Vodka taste, Zing Vodka is made in a state of the art facility in the UK and is produced using the finest French Grain ingredients. Distilled 4x times at source using the purest water, it is then distilled further to ensure the perfect, smooth taste.

If you’re tired of austere vodkas without character or personality, Zing Vodka has a discernible set of aromatics, this is the Super Premium Vodka of choice.

Zing Vodka is also available in the luxurious flavoured Vodka - Red Velvet. Zing Vodka Red Velvet is the ultimate drinking indulgence, made from a secret receipe, it offers you key flavours that subtly infuse your taste buds with pleasure. Zing Vodka is a firm favourite of celebrites from all over
the world.

Zing Vodka has a reputation of luxury, this is complimented by our association in 2015 with the Monaco Grand Prix and the British Grand Prix, Attitude Magazine Awards and high fashion with #InTheStyle. In 2016 our events are going global so please do look at our events page for details of competitions, events, photos and all the glamour that is Zing Vodka.


The place where you will find all our social media feeds. Keep up to date with all that is Zing Vodka from news, events, photos, and things we love.

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Mixology is the art of  sophisticated drinking. Our signature blend of cocktails offer you a refined choice of distinctive cocktails aimed to please any pallet.

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Discover the playful world of Zing Vodka and view our social calendar including all our past and up coming events from across the globe.

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Check out the latest photos from our exclusive events across the Globe. Send your pictures to pics@thisiszingvodka.com to get yourself added to our gallery.

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